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Juli 2012



THE NO.1 BESTSELLER. Special Agent Will Trent finds himself forced to confront his past. From the bestselling author of Fallen.

A woman is found brutally murdered in a sordid Atlanta apartment.

Her blood-soaked body bears a chilling similarity to a woman found dead almost 40 years earlier.

Soon Special Agent Will Trent finds himself returning to the home he grew up in, and a past that could hold the clue to the killings...


Karin Slaughter


"Slaughter expertly shapes an intriguing and entertaining tale." Daily Express "Totally terrifying, gripping and surprising, yet layered and satisfying too. Her best book yet." -- Lee Child "A gripping, expertly told high adrenaline read." Irish Independent "The best Will Trent novel yet." Daily Telegraph
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Untertitel: (Will Trent / Atlanta series 3). EPUB. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Random House
Erscheinungsdatum: Juli 2012
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