Alpha Billionaire's Baby

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September 2014



Russell was moving his fingers very fast now and Mandy was about to go out of her mind. Moaning uncontrollably, her head lolled on her shoulders and her eyes closed but she could still hear Russell quite clearly. Surely what she heard couldn't be right, though. Was he really on the phone with a client? "Watch me close this deal with this guy," he whispered feverishly. "Not only that, but I will close him while I make you cum the hardest you ever have in your life." ... Mandy becomes obsessed with finding out about his past secrets and chooses to explore her own independent life in New York City. During all the time of her pregnancy, she has been ignoring one critical mistqke that might soon work against her. She thinks that she is finally able to keep her privacy and freedom far away from the psyops of her obsessed Billionaire ex boyfriend whose dark secrets seem not to be powerful enough to be able to touch her reality. She is even catching herself of feeling happy to hear that her ex lover is in trouble with an FBI investigation. In the middle of the pulsing and never sleeping big Apple and without his knowledge she gives birth to her first child. She knows deep in her heart that she will survive with her newborn baby in NY on her own terms and far away from the Wall Street Billionaire until her worst nightmare comes true. She realizes by now that she has been ignoring the fact that he is willing to cross all limits. He does not play by the rules of fairness. Instead, he chooses to cross the law and get into trouble with the justice yet again. During her relationship she has been ignoring that his philosophy is to take back what he owns if sweet seduction is simply not getting him what he desires. She also has been ignoring that his desire is powered by his darkest fears because when you're fighting a past that seems to know all your secrets there will come a day when fair game is simply not an option anymore...


K. W. Middleton is a wife and mother and lives with her family on the beautiful island of Capri. Since early childhood, she dreamed of writing stories dedicated to female readers. She had the desire to write romantic and erotic stories that her readers truly would fall in love with, but she never let her fantasies out because she had to focus on her family and her career first. She finally risked her career and her relationship with this new venture and passion for writing. She likes to convey and depict her own true story and reality into a work of fiction to motivate and empower young women to never give up! Every woman has the ability to become independent and free from manipulative people. Every woman has the right to go her own way, but it is accepting one's failure that makes a story great! Every woman has the chance to take a second, third, fourth or even fifth chance. Every woman has the chance to grab that opportunity that comes around and turn failure into a new, positive and passionate life. Every woman has the right to live a passionate life that she loves to live, every day and for the rest of her life.
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Untertitel: The Alpha Billionaire Baby Deal. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Speedy Publishing LLC
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2014
Format: epub eBook
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