Dominating the Boss (The BDSM Boss, #1)

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Februar 2015



Jessica Steele is a ruthless, heartless ice queen, and David's boss. When she denies David the vacation he's been planning for months, it's the last straw, and he explodes. Imagine his surprise when she pulls out a collar, puts it around her neck, and kneels before him, begging him to punish her! This 3700 word story contains leashes, riding crops, and plenty of kinky, BDSM sex!


She stepped towards him, drawing uncomfortably close. He could smell her perfume, floral with a touch of spice. It might have been arousing, if he knew that it wasn't just another part of the façade. Her smile was wider now, and as wicked as a shark's. Is she going to blackmail me into being some kinky sex slave for her?

David took a deep breath, ready to explode, to let loose with every terrible thing he had ever thought about her, but he was still too shocked to form a single word. As he sputtered wordlessly, he watched as she slowly undid the buckle on the collar, and opened it wide.

He thought he was confused before, but when she put the collar around her own neck, and fell to her knees in front of him, that's when he learned what confused really meant.


When not selling clothing, Justine writes steamy stories about taking it off. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, her cat, and her puppy.

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