Tips for the Residency Match

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Januar 2015



Tips for the Residency Match is a unique guide for medical students applying for residency positions. Packed with hints, tips, and recommendations from both program directors and current residents, Tips for the Residency Match chronologically covers the key information required to excel during the residency application process - from r¿m¿dvice and preparing for the interview and beyond. Both insightful and practical, Tips for the Residency Match features a wide spectrum of medical specialties and an extra section for foreign graduates.

Tips for the Residency Match is:
* Uniquely tailored to the needs of those applying for US residency positions
* Written by leading Residency Directors and current residents in the major specialties
* Offers unprecedented access to how departmental decisions about the Match are made
Boasting expert advice and a wide scope, Tips for the Residency Match is the ideal companion for those applying for residency positions throughout the United States.
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