Antiracist Education

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März 2002



This book combines theory, practice, and ethnography in an exploration of how teachers can fully implement diversity and antiracism as a foundation of their teaching approach. The author, a white mother of children of color, whose work is influenced by her own experience being raised in an antiracist, activist family, developed her curriculum over many years of active involvement with parents and teachers in schools. She presents her curriculum along with ethnographic reports of the processes of change that teachers experience as they fully explore the realities of race relations, its history, and the lived experiences of others. Kailin shows how immersion in this exploration enables teachers to develop curricula and teaching practices that are effectively antiracist and fully connected to students' lives.


Chapter 1 Foreword
Chapter 2 Introduction
Chapter 3 Preface
Chapter 4 Historical and Theoretical Foundations of Antiracist Education
Chapter 5 Observations of Covert Racism in Schools
Chapter 6 A Historical and Theoretical Context to the Current Debates on Racism in Education
Chapter 7 Antiracist and Multicultural Education: Similarities and Distinctions
Chapter 8 The Moral and Demographic Imperatives for Antiracist Education
Chapter 9 A Curricular Framework for Antiracist Education
Chapter 10 Putting Theory to Practice
Chapter 11 The Hidden Dimensions of Liberal Racism: How White Teachers Perceive the Problem of Racism in Their Schools
Chapter 12 Teaching Antiracist Education in Lakeview: Unraveling the Individual Dimensions of Racism
Chapter 13 From the Individual to the Collective Narrative: Facing History in Ourselves
Chapter 14 Notes
Chapter 15 References
Chapter 16 Index
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