Alive Again (Jul on, #1)

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November 2014



Alive Again

I remember my last birth life. I remember America, Terra and her wonders.

I do not remember anything after that death, or after these last twenty deaths.

And yet I remember the lives.

The memories are not present, just like in a normal life; memories grow dim and fade away.

And yet, it seems I can fairly easily recall a memory that I need, it doesn't seem to matter if the memory is from ten years ago or 5,000 years ago.

With each of my walk ins there are certain similarities.

For examples:

1. I always awaken in a body being revived from cold sleep.

2. I always awaken in a female human stock body.

3. The female bodies are always around 18 to 27 years old.

4. Within a day and a half the eyes of the body I inhabit turn green, just like my eye color in my last birthing.

Mood changing green, so dark a green as to appear black or spring green.

My mood can always be judged by my eye color.

I have been told, and I have seen on recordings, that in the heat of battle my eyes turn black. Yet, the after battle glow turns my eyes emerald green.

My good friend, Hist Tech Hisman, has always sworn that he knows when I am plotting mischief, because my eyes become spring green.

I try to keep my eyes lowered from his gaze, to give him no warnings. Over the years it has become almost impossible to put anything over on him.

I knew he could not live much longer, still I find myself missing his hisses, his outrages at my behaviors.

5. Within a week or so, my hair, next to the scalp, will grow out red, all the shades of copper.

It doesn't matter what hair colors are normal for that body.

6. My skin immediately begins to take on the color, hue and texture of my last birth life.

7. My facial bones, skull and in fact, my whole skeleton begins to change.

If the body I am in is short, I grow taller, once a whole foot taller.

Within two mont

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