Alaskan Cowboy

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April 2015



Forced to travel to Alaska, Amber Westing finally sees something to rival the Alaskan scenery. Craven is a tall, dark, and oh-so handsome cowboy. The uptight workaholic Craven is in need of a good workout between the sheets, and she intends to see he gets it. After all, the unknown assailants vandalizing the diamond mine will be there when she's done with the hunky cowboy of Alaska. He's the perfect distraction to the cold and wildlife—until she starts falling in love.

Craven isn't sure what pink rock Amber crawled out from under, but knows the beauty with dark eyes and blonde streaked dark hair is going back to Nevada where she came from. He just has to figure out two things: One, how to get the Sin City cutie back on the plane; and two, how he's going to keep himself out of her bed and her out of his heart.

The nights heat up between the sheets and by day, the threats of the environmentalists increase. Soon, catastrophe strikes and Craven has to decide if he is going to give into their hearts or hurt them both to keep Amber safe from certain danger.

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Verlag: JT Schultz
Erscheinungsdatum: April 2015
Format: epub eBook
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