Fifty Degrees Hotter In No Time

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Oktober 2012



Want to turn up the heat in the bedroom? Ready to try something new? Whether you want to experiment à la Christian Grey or simply get a little more adventurous with your sex play, adding some novelty to your sex life will keep your relationship fresh and exciting.

In Fifty Degrees Hotter in No Time, recognized sexpert Josey Vogels shows you how to introduce fantasy and kink into your bedroom routine. Vogels' frank approach will help you and your partner get out of your sexual rut, add a dash of spice to make your regular sex life a little less vanilla or enter the more adventurous world of threesomes, bondage, and dominance and submission.

Candid and straightforward, with Fifty Degrees Hotter in No Time you can heat things up in the bedroom whether you have ten seconds or all night.


JOSEY VOGELS is one of Canada's leading experts on sex and relationships. She pens two sex-and-relationships columns: My Messy Bedroom and Dating Girl. Josey is also a featured blogger for Huffington Post Canada and and a regularly featured expert on television and radio. She
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