Studies of the Development and Decay of the Human Frame

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Mai 2014



Studies of the Development and Decay of the Human Frame provides information pertinent to the development of human skeleton. This book presents the study of the nature and reactions of the living tissues that constitute the skeleton.

Organized into four parts encompassing 40 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the origin and characteristics of the chondroblast. This text then presents the investigations on the vascular characteristics of the blood supply in bone under variable experimental conditions. Other chapters consider the early descriptions of calcification, its role in osteogenesis, and the belief that calcification is a prerequisite to the laying down of bone. This book discusses as well the vascular anatomy of bone and the development of the nutrient arteries. The final chapter deals with the close origin and independence from the earliest stage of development of vessels and muscles on the one hand and bones and joint on the other.

This book is a valuable resource for orthopedic surgeons.
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