Australia Bound

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Oktober 2013



Australia Bound is set in the picturesque city of Perth in Western Australia, and follows the experiences of a group of British migrants in their quest to build new lives for themselves and their families Down Under. It explores how different people respond and adapt or fail to adapt, as the case may be to the challenges of their new country, what they think about Australia, and what the Australians think about the Pomes. Our many cultural differences and attitudes to life are presented throughout with a clear insight, and often with a trace of humour, rendering the story both informative and entertaining. About the author John grew up in the East End of London, left school at sixteen with few academic qualifications and even fewer commercial or industrial ambitions. At twenty-two he emigrated to Australia as a ten-pound Pome and proceeded to travel around the outback, working at a variety of jobs. He acquired a keen interest in geology and prospected for gold, opal and sapphires. Though he failed to strike a fortune, he did accumulate a wealth of tales and experiences. Retired now and living back in England, John writes mainly as a hobby, and as a means of mentally kicking over the traces.


Tristan Wood is a long-standing member of the Club Taurino of London, the foremost gathering of English-speaking aficionados, Tristan has edited the Club's prestigious bi-monthly magazine, La Divisa, for the past eight years. In addition to writing on bullfighting, Tristan has published books on motor racing and on the changing role of men in a post-feminist world. He lives in London with his partner Sally.
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