Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

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März 1986



Who - or what - has been killing the chickens? And, more importantly, what is Ranch Security going to do about it? These are the critical questions in the sixth adventure of Hank the Cowdog. A fiendish murderer is loose on the ranch, and never before has Hank followed so many clues or interrogated more suspects. Every character in the book turns out to be a suspect - including Hank himself. Can he solve the crime and prove his innocence before he is relieved of his command...and condemned?


John R. Erickson, a former cowboy and ranch manager, is gifted with a storyteller's knack for spinning a yarn. Through the eyes of Hank the Cowdog, a smelly, smart-aleck Head of Ranch Security, Erickson gives readers a glimpse of daily life on a ranch in the West Texas Panhandle. This series of books and audios is in school libraries across the country, has sold more than 8 million copies, was a Book-of-the-Month Club selection, and has won an Audie for Outstanding Children's Series from the Audio Publisher's Association. Publishers Weekly called Hank a "grassroots publishing phenomena," and USA Today said this is "the best family entertainment in years."
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