Opportunities Beyond Carbon

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März 2009



'Ever since a former Astronomer Royal announced that "space travel is impossible" we have found ways to postpone the future. But there are much better things to do with carbon than setting it alight. This terrific book explores some of the most exciting alternatives for a future replete with energy, sustainability and choice.' Robyn Williams, host of The Science Show, ABC Radio

'By focussing on the opportunities rather than the challenges of climate change, this book provides an excellent platform to drive changes with tangible benefits for all. The breadth of opportunities covered gives hope that this will indeed be the "best crisis we ever had."' Mark Lynas, author of Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet

'Verily I say unto you: this is a new New Testament, containing hope of a planetary resurrection ... Read this book. Immediately. This book should be set to music and sung aloud by all policy makers.' Phillip Adams, broadcaster, columnist

Opportunities Beyond Carbon presents climate change as potentially the 'best crisis we ever had'. It maps the many opportunities for communities large and small, local and international, making the transition to a low carbon economy. John O'Brien has compiled essays by key politicians, investors, business people, activists and academics on how to make the most of the current predicament. This fresh, lucid and practical optimism for the future offers a foundation for an entirely new and proactive attitude to climate change.


John O'Brien is the Managing Director of Australian CleanTech and advises organisations on clean tech investments. John is a member of the South Australian Premier's Climate Change Council. He has degrees from the University of Oxford, Trinity College, Dublin and the University of Adelaide. Most importantly, John is an optimist.

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