Wort, Worms & Washbacks

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Mai 2011



These are the memoirs of one of Scotland's best known whisky distillers and covers his time in the industry from 1963 until the present day. In that time John McDougall has worked in some of Scotland's most famous distilleries in Speyside, Ayrshire, Islay and Campbeltown as well as holding head office posts in Glasgow before setting up his own whisky brokering and distillery construction consultancy business based in Kelso. These memoirs are all about the characters that John has dealt with in the many differing places he has worked and portray as complete a picture of the distillery shop floor, the stillroom and the mashroom and the changes that have been made in them over the past 45 years as possible. Co-authored by whisky authority Gavin D. Smith (A-Z of Whisky) this delightful evocation of the true goings on in the whisky trade will delight anyone with an interest in the subject.


Reviews of Wort, Worms & Washbacks Abbreviations Chapter 1 Speyside: Early Days At Aultmore Chapter 2 Speyside: Distillery Detective Chapter 3 Speyside: Dailuaine Chapter 4 Speyside:The Grants of Glenfiddich Chapter 5 Islay: Finding Our Feet Chapter 6 Islay: Ringing the Changes Chapter 7 Islay: Ceilidhs and Comrades Chapter 8 Islay: Piety and Peat Chapter 9 Speyside: From Tormore to Luton to Glasgow Chapter 10 Glasgow: Scotch and Plymouth Gin Chapter 11 Glasgow: Complaints, Crashes and Crooks Chapter 12 Campbeltown:Wright or Wrong? Chapter 13 Campbeltown: Company Craic Chapter 14 Campbeltown: Company Cracks Chapter 15 Campbeltown: Conclusion and Kelso Glossary Index About the authors Copyright page
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