The Last Private Eye

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Dezember 2014



Nasty horseplay at the Derby lands Rhineheart in a race against time to stop a murderous scheme …

Michael Rhineheart is a Louisville private eye with a taste for bourbon and a nose for trouble. He's as tough and savvy as they come. His sleuthing secretary, Sally McGraw, is desperate to learn the ropes. Their pal Farnsworth is a crusty old pro who hasn't lost his touch.

Together this hardboiled trio sets out to solve a mysterious disappearance at the racetrack. Soon they are galloping onto a trail of lust, greed, and murder … and enough dirty deeds to turn Kentucky's bluegrass red with shame.


John Birkett is the author of The Queen's Mare and The Last Private Eye, both to be re-released by HarperCollins Publishers. He is a winner of the Shamus Award, given by the Private Eye Writers of America.

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Untertitel: Michael Rhineheart, P. I. Sprache: Englisch.
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Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2014
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