Three Crooners (Song Title Series, #9)

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Dezember 2014



This is another book in the Song Title Series that has an unusual story line. Many people have pets, but what would happen if they became a lot like us?... Follow the story of Mrs Jones and Miss Jones and how gossip can make a rumor to the unknown truth to become something completely different as it is being spread and how it can hurt and change the lives of the ones at the centre of the gossip. Who was the one with the blue eyes who helped Miss Jones get home and also helped her son to get someone to love him? Has Earth Angel David been able to change or was it someone or something else; like the rabbit. Discover the new friends they make who don't believe the rumors but learn to accept the truth about the Joneses.... L.K. Brisbane Australia writes "The song title series are books that were intriguing and were hard to believe that these short stories were written within the incorporated song titles of the artists that are mentioned in the titles. I loved what I have read so far and think that anyone with an imagination and love of music as the author you will surely enjoy reading these...More testimonials are at the back of this book.


Age is but a number so at 59 years of age and after raising my family i was watching a Bon Jovi concert that took me back to a part of my youth that I had missed. I first got the idea of this book as I was watching a Bon Jovi concert fron Madison Garden. A neighbour was also watching it with me and I started putting the song titles into sentences. As an avid Bon Jovi fan, I had collected all their albums and a lot of DVD concerts. I have all of the band members individual works; even before they became the Bon Jovi band and all of David's musical soundtracks. From the first sentence I was able to create this book using just song titles and then followed this book with other books from different artists song titles of different genres of music. i enjoy writing these books and my daughters enjoy reading and editing them for me.

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