Mathematical and Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations

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Mai 2014



This self-tutorial offers a concise yet thorough introduction into the mathematical analysis of approximation methods for partial differential equations. It uses a unique teaching method which explains the analysis using exercises and detailed solutions.


'This book is addressed and could be very useful to upper level undergraduate and beginning graduate students with a particular focus on degree courses in areas such as engineering, applied mathematics, and physics. The attention which is paid to the applications makes it valuable also for researchers and users of scientific computing. ' This book certainly is a good addition to every engineering and computational mathematics library.' (Nicolae Tarfulea, Mathematical Reviews, April, 2015)

'The book can serve as a foundation for a three or four semester course for mechanics students or can be useful as support for all who are studying or teaching applications of mathematical and numerical methods for engineering sciences. It can be useful for all those who wish to see both the mathematical background of numerical algorithms on the one hand, and examples of its effective use in the solution of practical problems on the other hand.' (Iwan Gawriljuk, zbMATH, Vol. 1300, 2015)

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