Rivelations for Business Professionals

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Dezember 2014



True leadership is about leading yourself first-yet many business professionals overlook this basic fact. Instead, they look outside themselves for a quick fix to solve their problems and end up struggling to achieve the business and personal success they desire.
The truth is, if you want to have something different, you must first become someone different. That's what Rivelations for Business Professionals is all about-implementing small, easy-to-make changes that will help you move forward from where and what you are today to where and what you want to be tomorrow.
In each succinct chapter, leadership expert and entrepreneur Jim Riviello shares a wealth of lessons learned from his own path to success as well as tips, strategies, and tactics collected from highly successful individuals he's worked with.
Jim explodes the false beliefs and personal misconceptions that hold you back from achieving your goals. He reveals simple steps you can take to develop sustainable habits that will increase productivity, performance, and profits for yourself and those you lead.
The choice is yours. Accept the status quo and remain unsatisfied. Or make the simple changes revealed in Rivelations for Business Professionals and have an extraordinary life and business.

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Untertitel: Simple changes you can make now to achieve the extraordinary life and business you desire. Sprache: Englisch.
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