Lost Souls Motorcycle Club (Biker Erotica)

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Mai 2014



Lost Souls Motorcycle Club is a story a sexy woman in complete control of her situation, as she revenge fucks her way through a leather clad, lawless biker gang.
This read will leave you hot and horny, and ready to enjoy the other 4 pulsating erotic tales in this mega bundle Also includes: *Broken Chains Motorcycle Club *Wet at the Carwash *Gloryhole Bitch *Strangers in Cars Warning This pulsating ride will set your heart pounding and juices running. With biker sex, stranger sex, cumshots, multiples and every position imaginable, it is for mature 18+ adults only!
Excerpt from Lost Souls Motorcycle Club "I pulled on his balls as I licked. Soft and warm, I would suck them soon too. I grabbed his cock with my hand. Firmly around the base and took him right inside my mouth. He seemed to grow again, filling out my cheeks. I sucked him into me, feeling him on my tongue, tasting his salty sweat. Then I took a deep breath through my nose and took him right to the back of my throat. I knew he would love this, and he could hardly keep his sighs down to a whisper, so as not to wake his fellow bikers. I tasted his pre cum as I jerked my head backwards and forwards, daring him to cum in my mouth. We both wanted more, and we both knew it. The Gorilla pulled up and grabbed my shoulders. He twisted me over, my tiny body having no chance of resisting his muscular frame. He leaned over and kissed me, long and hard, his tongue exploring every part of my mouth. I felt his hot breath against me, deepening sighs as I continued to stroke and tease his cock. 'Fuck me. Fuck me now' I begged.."

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Verlag: Jenny Sinn
Erscheinungsdatum: Mai 2014
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