The Hot and Cold Series: Box Set

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The Hot and Cold Series: Box Set is a collection of the three novella books from the series.

Book One: Bring Me to Life
Rachel, a teenage girl and for the most part a loner, visits her dad for the summer. There she meets Adam, a friend of her brother's, by accident. They have a love-hate relationship that has many bumps in the road along the way. They have a limited time together to try and make things work. Will her bitterness and his overly confident attitude mix or self destruct during a summer filled with sex, drugs, rock & roll, and shocking revelations?

Book Two: Don't Say a Word
High school can be so rough, but college can be tougher. Things were never easy for Rachel and Adam, and they don't get better just because they left their hometowns. "Don't Say A Word" is about a young couple thrown together one summer They learn to adjust to college life, family drama, and side projects, but will their relationship pass the test or fail before it's fully had a chance to grow?

Book Three: Broken Faith
The final Rachel and Adam saga that followed them from high school, to college, to marriage. They have endured lies, secrets, miles, and hospitalization. Rachel and Adam's relationship is tested when something forgotten comes back to haunt them. Will their engagement survive it? Life happens very quickly for the young couple. But, with their friends and families help they struggle to survive.

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