Writing for the Local Market

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Juni 2014



The lifeblood of a small business is its customer base and business owners are constantly being squeezed from every direction by national retailers, a shrinking economy and by local and state governments. They want to concentrate on running their business but are bombarded daily by a multitude of difficult situations that require their attention and distract them from the everyday duties that enable them to make a profit. They don't have time to write copy for brochures, newsletters or updated web site content. In fact, a small business owner will usually put off these tasks as long as he can, often farming out the task to a relative or friend with mediocre results. In addition, the efforts are not part of a coordinated campaign to go after new business and, as a result, will frequently fall short of the mark.
This is where the freelance writer enters the picture.
In this day and age, local businesses need to communicate effectively with their customers and prospects. Whether they need a press release written or a newsletter sent out, most business owners simply don't have the time for these endeavors and need the services of a local freelance writer to help them get it done. They may be experts on their products or services but they aren't always experts on how to promote their treasured enterprise. By helping them communicate with their target market, you are adding to their bottom line while reinforcing the strength of the community.
Writing for the Local Market offers the struggling freelance writer a way out of the world of online content mills that pay peanuts (or less) and shows the way to a home-based writing business that can be taken to any level you choose.

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