Do Your Own Home Staging: How to Stage Your Home to Sell

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Januar 2015



Do Your Own Home Staging: How to Stage Your Home to Sell
If you're looking to do your own home staging, look no further! This guide brings you tips and tricks for how to stage your house just right so it will stand out for prospective buyers and sell on the market. The latest home staging books brings you room-by-room details to dress up each and every aspect of your home, as well as aspects outside of the home such as exterior and landscaping.
In this home staging guide by Jeanne Clarkson, you'll learn how to stage your house to sell for the best price. The guide provides details on everything you'll need to do to make the proper home improvements and DIY repairs so that things are in top-top shape for every aspect of the house.
What you'll learn inside this guide:
- Making Interior Fixes- Staging the Living Room properly- Staging the Kitchen and Dining Room- Staging the various bedrooms (master, guest, kids)- Staging the Basement with Purpose- Exterior Staging & Landscaping Tips- Additional tips and tricks for staging,- Best Places to Shop for Interior Furnishings-and much, much more!
This latest home staging reference book from Jeanne Clarkson brings you many of the tips you'll want to know so you don't have to overspend on staging. Get your copy today and begin to stage your home like a pro so it will attract more potential buyers and sell for top dollar!

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