Ecover Cheatsheet for Indie Authors

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Oktober 2015



Are you a new Indie Author?

Writing your first Indie Book is like learning to swim by being thrown into the deep end.

The process is scary and sometimes depressing.

The more you learn about the process, the better you will do.

Once you have written a book, you have to have a book cover that sells it for you. Let me show you the easy way to get that cover!

Read eCover Cheatsheet For Indie Authors and find out how.


JD Lovil
Is the writer of a series of cross genre science fiction novels dealing with the existence of a multitude of
parallel earths as required by the Many Worlds interpretation of Quantum Theory. He enjoys writing
books which are essentially 'stand alone' books, but with similar rules and circumstances, and with
some crossover of characters.
JD also writes nonfiction books occasionally on subjects, which he believes to be given less attention
than called for, or for which he perceives a significant need.
Originally from Arkansas, JD Lovil now lives in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit his website at

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