The Sovereign Era: Year One

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April 2010



Matthew Wayne Selznick's The Sovereign Era: Year One -- Tales from the dawn of the Sovereign Era!

April, 1985: The world is stunned to discover individuals with remarkable powers and abilities living among us! Explore a mosaic history of the first twelve months of the Sovereign Era in these stories from seven superstars of new media fiction:

Mur Lafferty - "You Must Be My Lucky Star"
Jared Axelrod - "Can't Get There From Here"
Nathan Lowell - "Mouse Mousey"
P.G. Holyfield - "Every Breath You Take"
J.R. Blackwell - "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night"
Matt Wallace - "Sangre del Sureños"
J.C. Hutchins - "Dear Mr. Donner"

Featuring cover art by Jeffrey Himmelman!

Don't forget to pick up the Charters Duology, Brave Men Run and Pilgrimage, for more Sovereign Era wonder.

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