First Class Indulgence - Erotic Short Stories For Women (First Class Series, #1)

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September 2014



Book 1 in the First Class Series

After a cruel betrayal by her husband, Simone decides to run away from home to the comforting arms of her sister in Paris. But on her flight to France, she meets the magnetic and gorgeous Griffin, an airline pilot with some time on his hands. On the plane, her grief and need for comfort finds her seducing the handsome pilot, leading to a scorching mile high encounter.

Will Simone and Griffin's lust be a one-time thing, or can their passion linger after the wheels hit the ground?

Note: All Jayne Jennings short stories contain a steam factor. The sexual tensions, drama and unexpected trysts will make your heart race and your temperature rise! Written for women to spice up tedious travel or supply some welcome company on a quiet evening alone! If this isn't for you, you may wish to try another author.

HOWEVER, if you like the steamy life...Treat Yourself Today. Scroll back up and Click Buy!

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