First Class Delivery - Erotic Short Stories For Women (First Class Series, #2)

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Januar 2013



*Adult Only Content. 18+*Book 2 in the First Class Series
Simone takes on a tasty and tantalizing modelling assignment abroad in Jamaica where the weather and everyone around her is hot and steamy. She is there for work, not looking for a fling but can distractions be helped? Maybe not...
Zachary is a young, good-looking delivery man. Young, naïve, and ready to romp! But surrounded by the beautiful island scenery, the golden sun, and Zach's adoration, she can't help but think about her lover Griffin who lives an ocean away.
Can Simone simply live in the moment and allow herself the attention of this hot, young stud and will she be open enough to explore the temptations on offer?
Note: All Jayne Jennings short stories contain some steam in varying degrees. The sexual tensions, drama and unexpected trysts will make your heart race and your temperature rise! Written for women to spice up tedious travel or be a special friend on a quiet evening alone to lose yourself in the fantasy!If this isn't for you, you may wish to try another author.HOWEVER, if you like the steamy life...Treat Yourself Today - Scroll Back Up & Click BUY NOW

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Untertitel: Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Jayne Jennings
Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2013
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