The Mejmer Archives

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The Depository Line is a family intertwined with the fate of our Network of Life, the Semay Wem. Their purpose is to do nothing more than live a quiet life, ignorantly passing down the Great Mejmer Energy throughout their generations. But when someone attacks Emmanuel, the forefather and founder of the Line, and gains knowledge of the First Mejmer Language and Ability called The Leadership of Matter, the fates of the Depository Line and the Semay Wem are changed forever.
No longer ignorant of the Great Mejmer Energy, or its inherent Mejmer Languages and Abilities, one by one, the Depository Line are thrust into the ongoing dramas that exist throughout the Semay Wem. But without the Great Mejmer Energy, the Earth cannot sustain life for more than seven years.
By the time the Depository Line settle back down on Earth, the planet has already been struck by two devastating comets. It remains up to them to settle the Great Mejmer Energy, and the entire fate of the Semay Wem, once and for all.

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