The Principles of Beautiful Web Design

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Februar 2015



The Principles of Beautiful Web Design is the ideal book for people who can build websites, but are seeking the skills and knowledge to visually enhance their sites.
This book will teach you how to:
* Understand what makes "good design," from discovery through to implementation* Use color effectively, develop color schemes, and create a palette* Create pleasing layouts using grids, the rule of thirds, and symmetry* Employ textures: lines, points, shapes, volumes, and depth* Apply typography to make ordinary designs look great* Choose, edit, and position effective imageryAnd lots more...

This easy-to-follow guide is illustrated with beautiful, full-color examples, and will lead you through the process of creating great designs from start to finish.
The third edition of this book has been greatly revised and now features:
* Updated and expanded coverage of mobile and responsive web design (RWD)* A new sample project* New sections on user interface and icon design* Common user-interface patterns and resources
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