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An allotment is one of the best - and cheapest ways - of getting hold of valuable gardening space to grow you own. Plus it offers one of the most relaxing atmospheres with the chance to mix with fellow gardeners. Your allotment can provide enough fruit, veg and herbs to feed most small families (and cut flowers to adorn the kitchen table) - produce that will taste and look much better than anything shop bought. Jane Eastoe guides you through allotment life, from how to find an allotment, how to plan one out, what to grow, crop rotation, how to store your harvest plus some of the best recipes so you enjoy the fruits of your labour. Great gardening information is given for each crop - the obvious to the not so obvious - from potatoes and carrots to aubergines and chillies. What to grow when, what to grow where plus a calendar of work for the laziest to the most energetic allotment holder. With all the details on the cost of having an allotment, self-management, and protecting your allotment, this is the easiest guide to getting starting on allotment life. In addition to all the practical gardening techniques, the book has background information on local authority control, self-management options, and how to protect your allotment.


Jane Eastoe has been a journalist and author for 25 years. For many years she worked for the fashion business press, for whom she regularly covered the international collections and interviewed designers from Gaultier to Galliano. She is the co-author of Fabulous Frocks and Elizabeth Reigning in Style also published by Pavilion. She has been writing for the National Trust Books list for the last four years and was the chief contributor to the National Trust Book of the Countryside. Her other books include Wild Food, Keeping Hens, Home-Grown Fruit, Allotments, Herbs, Hedgerows & Wildlife and Mushrooms. Jane has produced two books linked to television series: Victorian Pharmacy and Britain by Bike, which won Outdoor Book of the Year at the 2011 Hay Festival. In her spare time Jane is a softie cyclist and a keen amateur bird taxidermist.
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Untertitel: Inspiration and Practical Advice for Would-be Smallholders. Sprache: Englisch.
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