The Revenge Files of Alistair Fury: Exam Fever

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Februar 2015



Alistair Fury is out for revenge. No more running errands. No more being called 'Alice'! It's payback time for his embarrassing mum, his bone-idle dad, and his constantly teasing older brother and sister.
Only Alistair's two best friends - and this, his private diary - share his secrets. Culminating in a scene involving a snake, a toupee and a live TV broadcast, Alistair tries to wreak spectacular revenge but it doesn't exactly go according to plan . . .
In lively and accessible diary form, this is a story of family life at its funniest, packed with schoolboy humour .


Jamie Rix


Accompanied by fun illustrations throughout, this series is a real find as a strong male narrator is a rare thing indeed
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