Gotcha Boxed Set of 3 (Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery)

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From USA Today bestselling author Jamie Lee Scott - Gotcha Detective Agency Mystery Series

"Let Us Prey is up on my list of favorite novels ever. It's something I know I can pick up and read over and over without getting bored." Bookend Babes reviewer, Stacy J

"This is a light and funny PI novel/mystery with interesting, well-developed characters and excellent twists and turns." Bente Gallagher (Jennie Bentley) NYT Bestselling author of the DIY Mystery Series for Berkley. 

"One of my favourite authors is Sue Grafton and her P.I. Kinsey Milhone. Well she has a new rival." Lord D. M. Prosser


Former Secret Service agent, turned private detective, Mimi Capurro, never expects to run into her old college flame Nick Christianson, when she takes on an executive protection (bodyguard) case for a New York Times bestselling author. But when the author's assistant is murdered, the homicide case, along with Mimi, land in Nick's lap.

Determined to make up for puking all over Nick's crime scene, and to help her client, Mimi wants to solve the murder before Nick does. Never fear, her willing and witty sidekick, Charles Parks, is along for the ride.

 Will Mimi and Nick be able to solve this murder without killing each other first? 


Book 2 in the Bestselling humorous romantic mystery series by Jamie Lee Scott.

Mimi Capurro, owner of Gotcha Detective Agency, hasn't seen her old college flame since they teamed up to find a killer several months earlier. Now, after breaking and entering into an alleged predator's home, Mimi and Charles find a murder victim on the floor in his bedroom.  When homicide detective Nick Christianson and his new partner, Piper Mason, arrive on the scene, this is not the way Mimi expected to see Nick again.

Even though it's his job, Nick is loath to find the killer. I mean, who wants a man who uses social media to prey on young girls to get justice, right? That is until a teenage girl with ties to the victim disappears. Now Mimi, Nick and Charles race against the clock to find the killer and hopefully find the girl in the process.


Book 3 in the Bestselling humorous romantic mystery series by Jamie Lee Scott 
Mimi and Charles take some time off from the detective agency to help Charles' friend, Anthony DeLuca, sell his exclusive line of voodoo dolls at a trade show in San Francisco. Mimi is less than thrilled to find out Charles has invited Homicide detective, Nick Christianson, to come along. 
But as luck may have it, Mimi finds the body of a dead sales rep. When Anthony is implicated in the suspicious death, Mimi is back on the investigative job, and Nick goes off with his old partner at the SFPD, to find a killer, with so many viable suspects, who wanted this sales rep dead? 

If you like your murder mysteries with a bit of romance, a dash of snark, and a few dead bodies, USA Today bestselling Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries are the crime novels for you!

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