Die Live Love

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Dezember 2014



DIE LIVE LOVE is the story of one reluctant pilgrim's progress from childhood's end through the various stages of spiritual and physical death into life, then into Grace. It is a tale of growing alienation metastasizing into alcoholism and impending spiritual death. It is a story of a man buried so deep in the muck of his own base nature that he grasps at the misunderstood promise of a voice from somewhere of someone he doesn't believe in. The voice is that of God. The promise fulfilled beyond his wildest imaginings. This is a tale of the dead; it is a memory of loves both real and unreal; it, most of all, is a hymn of praise to the love of God for a son once too far deep into the slop even for swine to endure; and it is a shout of Joy. The author hopes that anyone too far gone into any of the swamps of despair, dependency, and dissolution may find in the story of James Slattery a glimmer of hope. He is one who chose to sink into the mud and dwell there until he drowned in his own excrement. Yet God's Grace found him. All he needed do was accept the offer of the Divine. He did.

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Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2014
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