The Ocean

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Five shipwrecked passengers fight panic, thirst, and the sea itself

One minute, sailor Joseph Curtain is in his bunk. The next, he is submerged in the ocean. A German torpedo has struck the Aurora, and she is sinking fast. Curtain makes his way to a lifeboat and guides the survivors aboard. There are only six of them, and when the submarine’s machine gun rakes the side of their boat, the number dwindles to five. Alongside Curtain are three men of various character and an elderly chaplain who is too sick to speak. Hope is slim, but Curtain will do what he must to survive.
He organizes the party into watches, rationing their food and enforcing strict discipline. But as their time in the boat stretches on, Curtain realizes that this tiny craft and its flagging crew are hardly a match for the power of the ocean.


James Hanley (1897-1985) was born in Liverpool, England, to an Irish Catholic family. He spent time in the merchant navy and served with the Canadian Infantry during World War I. From 1930 to 1981 Hanley published forty-eight books, including the novels Boy, The Furys, The Ocean, Another World, and Hollow Sea. He penned plays for radio, television, and theater and published a work of nonfiction, Grey Children, on the plight of coal miners. Hanley died in London but was buried in Wales, the setting for many of his works.


“[The Ocean] has resounding spiritual implications. . . . More than just an adventure tale, the novel traces the shaky path of human survival.” —Publishers Weekly
“There are some writers who seem to have a private path into people’s souls. They lead you there through unfamiliar streets . . . And yet, when you have arrived, there is no question that you are there . . . James Hanley is such a writer.” —The New York Times
“[Hanley was] not British, not American, not South African, not Ebury Street, not Chicago. Just language like a good clean cyclone.” —William Faulkner
“A modernist master.” —Kirkus Reviews
“[Hanley is] a novelist of distinction and originality.” —E. M. Forster
“[Hanley’s] language, intense and compassionate as his world is diseased and vicious, reveals an intense understanding of the cesspool of human nature and the capacity for good and bad, even at once.” —The List (Edinburgh)
“[Hanley was the creator of] some of the most serious and emotionally demanding novels in our language this century.” —The Sunday Correspondent
“Hanley is one of the most able and influential writers in the English language.” —The Boston Globe
“[Hanley] is that rarity of rarities: a genuine original.” —The New York Times Book Review
“[Hanley] is one of the most consistently praised and least-known novelists in the English-speaking world.” —Time
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