An End and a Beginning

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Out of prison and on his own, Peter Fury struggles to find a place in the world Peter Fury has been in prison for fifteen years and four days, and every minute has been an eternity. He was jailed for killing a woman whose greed had poisoned his family¿an honorable crime that merely drove the Furys further apart from one another. On the gloomy day when he steps back into the free world, Peter¿s parents are dead and his siblings have scattered. All he has left is himself¿but Peter is still a Fury, and one Fury is enough to do almost anything. In a matter of hours, Peter realizes there is nothing left for him in England. Rather than wither and die like so many ex-cons, this onetime dreamer plans to immigrate to New York and find a new life there. But he has too much history in this blighted dockside town, and it may not be ready to let him go just yet. An End and a Beginning is the fifth and final book of James Hanley¿s acclaimed Furys Saga.


James Hanley (1897-1985) was born in Liverpool, England, to an Irish Catholic family. He spent time in the merchant navy and served with the Canadian Infantry during World War I. From 1930 to 1981 Hanley published forty-eight books, including the novels Boy, The Furys, The Ocean, Another World, and Hollow Sea. He penned plays for radio, television, and theater and published a work of nonfiction, Grey Children, on the plight of coal miners. Hanley died in London but was buried in Wales, the setting for many of his works.

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