Introduction to Phytoremediation of Contaminated Groundwater

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September 2011



This book provides the reader with the comprehensive view necessary to understand and critically evaluate the design, implementation, and monitoring of phytoremediation at sites characterized by contaminated groundwater. Part I presents the historical foundation of the interaction between plants and groundwater, introduces fundamental groundwater concepts for plant physiologists, and introduces basic plant physiology for hydrogeologists. Part II presents information on how to assess, design, implement, and monitor phytoremediation projects for hydrologic control. Part III presents how plants take up and detoxify a wide range of organic xenobiotics in contaminated groundwater systems, and provides various approaches on how this can be assessed and monitored. Throughout, concepts are emphasized with numerous case studies, illustrations and pertinent literature citations.


Preface.- Acknowledgements.- PART
I: Overview of Plants, Groundwater and Their Interaction: Historical Foundation of Plant and Groundwater Interactions.- Integration of Plant and Groundwater Interactions.- Fundamentals of Plant Anatomy and Physiology Related to Water Use.- Fundamentals of Groundwater Hydrogeology.- Plant and Groundwater Interactions under Pristine Conditions.- PART
II: Plant and Groundwater Interactions for Hydrologic Control.- Site Assessment and Characterization.- Plant Selection, Installation, and Management to Affect Groundwater Systems.- Conceptual Frameworks for Phytoremediation to Achieve Hydrologic Goals.- Monitoring Plant and Groundwater Interactions.- Economic and Regulatory Factors That Affect the Phytoremediation of Contaminated Groundwater.- PART
III: Plant and Groundwater Interactions for Contaminant Remediation.- Plant Interactions with Biogeochemical Environments.- Chemical and Physical Properties that Affect the Interaction Between Plants and Contaminated Groundwater.- Plant Control on the Fate of Common Groundwater Contaminants.-  Conceptual Frameworks for the Phytoremediation of Groundwater Contamination.- Monitoring for Phytoremediation of Groundwater Contamination.- Economic and Regulatory Factors That Affect the Phytoremediation of Contaminated Groundwater.- Epilogue.- References.- Index.


From the reviews:

'Landmeyer (US Geological Survey) provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of this interdisciplinary science, including starting sections that give background information on relevant aspects of both plant physiology and groundwater hydrology necessary to understand plant/groundwater interactions. ' Summing Up: Recommended. ' Graduate students through professionals/practitioners.' (C. W. Dimmick, Choice, Vol. 49 (11), August, 2012)

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