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Dezember 2007



Design is the essential component of engineering. This book demonstrates the need to understand the context, process and delivery of engineering projects and services by focussing on engineering design. It highlights the cultural, economic, political and social parameters and illustrates the importance of their understanding.Case studies demonstrate the principles described and the importance of using multidisciplinary teams to achieve effective design development. Contributions come from professionals involved in civil and industrial engineering projects such as the: Channel Tunnel and Rail Link; British Airways London Eye; Lesotho hydroelectric project; Bahaii Temple, India; The Angel of the North; and, award winning medical engineering techniques.This book is ideal for graduate students wanting a practical introduction to the design process and engineers who wish to learn more about how design engineering works in practice. TOC:Introduction.- The Design Process.- Case Studies Introduction.- Case Study 1: An Automated Blood Analyser.- Case Study 2: An Intelligent Prosthesis.- Case Study 3: The Channel Tunnel UK Terminal.- Case Study 4: The Channel Tunnel Rail Link (CTRL).- Case Study 5: The London Eye.- Case Study 6: The Lesotho Hydro-electric Project.- Case Study 7: The Maribyrnong Footbridge.- Case Study 8: The Bahaii Temple, Delhi.- Case Study 9: The Hampden Gurney Junior School.- Case Study 10: The Bridge Academy.- Case Study 11: The Harris-Manchester College, Oxford.- Case Study 12: The Angel of the North.- The Project Design Audit.


The Design Process.
Case Studies - Introduction.
Case Studies.
Project Design Audit.



Jim Armstrong - 1926-2010
Dr James Hodgson Armstrong OBE, HonDEng., FREng., FICE, FIStructE, FRSA to give him his full title, sadly passed away on 28 March 2010.
Jim, who joined BDP in 1963, was appointed Partner in 1967 and was head of the civil and structural engineering profession at BDP until his retirement in 1989.
He had a major influence on a wide spectrum of the firm's affairs ranging from a deeply felt involvement with education and professional development to high profile engineering projects such as his early involvement in the UK Channel Tunnel Terminal.
He brought to all issues a directness of approach and made a significant contribution to the wider engineering profession not least in the year spent as President of the Institution of Structural Engineers (1989-90).
In his life after BDP he continued to travel and lecture widely and was author of numerous publications, with one book entitled Design Matters: the organisation and principles of engineering design published as recently as 2008.
As said of Jim at the time of his retirement from BDP "only those who have known him can have a real understanding of the value of his work and the care and thought he has given to further our aims and strengthen our successes." This was Jim through and through.Obituary reproduced with kind permission from BDP (

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