Prison Break: A Hispanic & Latino BDSM Erotic Romance (OceanCrest Latin Lovers, #1)

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Oktober 2013



When breaking free means breaking open...
When Natalia escapes a loveless relationship and fails to seduce an old flame, she makes use of her alluring attire in the comfort of her suite when two strangers hand her a bag and a phone.
Some quick and dirty phone sex might be exactly what she needs, but Mateo's not done with his pleasureful punishment yet.
Prison Break is a 10,000-word erotic romance short novella with light MaleDom BDSM by HER ~ Healing Erotic Romance ~ author Jade Onyx.


Jade Onyx writes about HER ~ Healing Erotic Romance. When not writing, she can be found nursing her newborn.
You can expect her to go through bouts of nursing mind in the forthcoming year. Oh, but the characters won't let her forget them, and they insist upon their happily ever afters. So you can rest assured that Jade will continue writing.
She welcomes emails from readers, writers and reviewers at ARCs are available to bloggers and reviewers upon request and approval.
For new releases, contests, free book promos, etc., sign up for her email list:

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Verlag: Jade Onyx
Erscheinungsdatum: Oktober 2013
Format: epub eBook
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