No Normal Day III, West

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Dezember 2013



Cody and his friends have lived in Unity for fifteen years, surviving an EMP disaster and winning hard fought battles to keep their boundaries safe. They have decided it's time to venture out from their haven. Will their journey west bring new horizons and adventures or will they be lost in the dangerous unknown territories of America?

They would travel into unknown territory and one thing the four adventurers were certain of---there would be danger. They were willing together, to take the risk to explore the possibility of a new life. Would the journey West take them to new horizons or would they be lost in a hostile and perilous America?


J. Richardson shares her time these days between her beloved hometown in Texas and a cabin in Colorado. Her children, grand-children and one great grand-child are scattered across the large home state. She married her high school sweetheart.

The small adventures and rich life experiences are the inspiration for her writing. She and her hubby built, from scratch, four homes in the past nearly fifty years...a log house in the woods of East Texas, a lakehouse, a farmhouse and their present cabin at the foot of the Colorado mountains.

She published her first novel in 2013, with eight to follow. There are also two youth (for ages 8-11 years) books published.

A pen name claims her writings because she states that many of her characters are based on friends and family. "Although," says Jo, "many are based on my years of observing people, characters I have met and from my overworked imagination."

Jo says, "I think the internet is such a fascinating tool for learning, to research new locations. Research is my favorite part of writing a novel. The social media sites are just not for this old gal, but the communications from my readers are a great joy for me.  Writing has been a fresh and exciting experience for me."

"My favorite reads are mystery and humor. In recent years I've become very interested in the Preppers movement and the everyday person's options for survival of catastrophe.  I enjoy reading the dystopian fiction and that led me to wanting to write my own stories on the subject."

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