My Destiny (Destiny Series, #1)

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Juni 2014



Brooke gave up her dreams, relocating to another state with her husband Jake so he could persue his, but when commits the ultimate betrayal against her, she's lucky to escape with her life.
After moving back to her hometown, alone, she runs into Logan, the man her helped her, all those months ago. From the moment they first met, Brooke felt that they had a connection, and now she finds it stronger than ever.
There is one thing stopping her from acting on her feeling towards him, though...her past.
From the moment he saw Brooke, Logan knew she was the one he'd been searching for his whole life. Can he convince Brooke to let go of her insecurities so they can be together?
What will happen when Brooke's past comes back to haunt her? Will Logan still be around to help her, or will she be left to face it on her own?
Join Brooke and Logan as they share their dramatic story in My Destiny, the first of a two part installment in the Destiny series. Their story is told in dual POV.
Warning this book is recommended for 18+ due to the sexual content, coarse language and small amount of violence.
This book does not contain a cliff hanger and can be read as a stand alone.


I am a 42 year old mother from Sydney Australia, with a 9 year old son. I have always had a passion for reading, which helped to inspire me to write my first romance novel, My Destiny. The follow up book in the Destiny series is My Forever. I am currently writing my third book, which is a stand alone, and will available later this year.
I am happily married, and my husband, son, extended family and my pets are my life. I'm blessed to have great family and friends and a good support network. My hobbies are: Reading of course, writing, shopping, cooking and spending time with my family and friends.
I love writing about romance, because I believe that all love stories are beautiful and I'm also a sucker for happy endings. The thing I love most about writing is that no matter how troubled someone is, or how bad their past has been, you have the power to give them the happily ever after they deserve.
I hope you all enjoy reading my books, as much as i enjoyed writing them. x

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