Sentinel (Projection, #4)

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August 2015



I turned and crept closer. It was pretty dark. I wasn't sure how close I was. There would be no forgiveness here. One step too many and I was just another casualty. I took my best guess and loaded a flare and pointed it where I thought the cave was. I fired.
It was a beautiful shot. I watched the sizzling flare arch up and rise, then droop into a flat run towards the cave entrance. It seemed to disappear for a second, then…
The whole ridge lit up. I could see a great fireball rise within the cave and even through cracks high in the side of the ledge. The last thing I remembered was a ghostly, beautiful, blue and green ring racing across the ground towards me.
I woke to feel a warm, wet face on mine. I opened my eyes to see nothing. I could smell Andra close. I reached up to find her face, and softly wipe at the tears there.
"Hun, I think I'm blind, I can't see a thing." I said quietly.

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Verlag: I M Gardner
Erscheinungsdatum: August 2015
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