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November 2015



Prepper for Beginners: Urban Prepping Prepper for Beginners: Urban Prepping Discover Tips and Tricks in Prepping for Modern Day Disasters to Stay Safe and Well Informed

Life is finite; it is both fragile and solitary. And although risk is a definite part of our lives, it can be managed. Poorly managed risk poses greater threats to mortality and morbidity rates, especially in disaster-prone areas. 
Adequate preparation may not prevent a disaster from happening, but it allows a speedier recovery process and considerably fewer losses. Moreover, safety and security levels are greatly increased.  

All About Prepping: Complete and Detailed Information

Preparation, or "prepping" for short, is a meticulous process that requires thorough planning and apt knowledge on the matter. The internet may be a copious source of survival tactics and the like, but the information presented is fragmented. You'd have to type multiple search words and look for different articles to get the total gist of the process. 
This eBook presents complete, detailed information on urban prepping. It tackles the entire process – from the planning phase all the way to maintenance of supplies through the years. It basically contains all the essential information a prepper needs.
Bonus Feature 
A special bonus chapter has been added at the end. It explains the common types of modern day disasters as well as the corresponding interventions and special considerations of each. It also compares and contrasts two frequently interchanged hazards: hurricanes and tornadoes. 

8 Reasons to Buy this Book
•    This eBook presents a detailed account of the planning phase: a crucial prelude to prepping.
•    It will educate you on various safety precautions, as well as house rules to implement to ensure the safety of the entire group.
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