3 LIES (A Masters CIA Thriller, #1)

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Februar 2015



Can kidnapping a sick woman alter the course of a nation?

After stepping off the corporate treadmill, Clint finds love to last a lifetime in Beth, who is recovering from kidney failure.  When she blows off their date and misses her dialysis session, Clint suspects she's been kidnapped.  In spite of the mounting evidence, her family refuses to call the police.  They have their reasons, but without routine dialysis, Beth won't survive. 
While Clint pursues every lead to find her. Beth's dilemma draws the attention of spy trackers at the CIA investigating a computer system breach.  Someone launched an unauthorized mission.  Was it terrorists? Or someone more sinister . . . 
Clint must find Beth before her kidneys fail or her abductors pervert the justice of a nation. 


Wow, just Wow! . . .I enjoyed every word, paragraph, page, and chapter. That says it all. 
From start to finish this was pure energy ! 
Very enjoyable and thought-provoking.
High voltage reading
Couldn't figure who done it til the end!! Great ending!!
If you are a cozy lover STAY AWAY. This book is for heavy hitters.
The author brought three separate sub stories together in a seamless fashion
Couldn't Put it down. It took twist and turns like you wouldn't believe. 
You think you had it figured out and the next thing you know something else popped up. 


All of my thrillers race through the same story world, so characters from one series may appear in the others. You can read by series or by the order of publication.
The Masters CIA Thriller Series
   3 LIES

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More books coming . . . 

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