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After suffering through a year of 'res' food at university, Hein Scholtz was more than happy to dust off his apron and put his lifelong passion for food and cooking to good use when he moved into his first apartment. Now, after years of cooking healthy and inexpensive, yet satisfying meals for himself and friends, he presents Munch, an eclectic collection of recipes for students, young professionals and first-time cooks. Although it contains some classic 'home' cooking, Munch's primary aim is to introduce the novice cook to an independent style of cooking that will have him/her producing meals that not only appeal to the palate (and the pocket), but also to the inner grown-up with the desire to impress. From scrambling eggs and cooking chicken to grilling steaks and recreating classic 'takeaways', all 76 recipes in Munch make use of easily accessible ingredients and can be made in a basically stocked kitchen. Through the inclusion of social media - Twitter, Facebook and QR codes - Munch provides a unique opportunity for interaction between reader, recipe and author. A successful and influential tweeter himself, Hein is well positioned to engage in a continual social media dialogue with his readers that will not only ensure the longevity of Munch, but also attract the vast numbers of young South Africans who use these platforms on a day-to-day basis.


Hein Scholtz graduated from Stellenbosch University with a BSc, majoring in nutrition. While at university, he wrote a regular food column for the student newspaper, sharing his culinary experiences. After working as a reporter in Namibia, he was accepted into the BPhil Journalism programme at his alma mater and decided to turn his passion for health and food journalism into his career. Hein currently works as the content producer for The Dr Mol Show, a health and wellness show on SABC3. He also writes several columns and recipe articles for a selection of print and online publications.
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