Bangkok Vacation

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Oktober 2014



A lonely, middle aged, American man travels 4,000 miles to Bangkok on his vacation to search for companionship and sex. He finds what he's looking for and a whole lot more. David goes to a Nana Plaza Go-Go bar and finds two Asian hookers that he takes back to his hotel room.Facebook comment from readers: "this is your best book yet-love your art work.""I love the way you reformatted this book-and the bonus chapter is great, thank you."Word count: 7215 (including bonus chapter) with 41 pages. Interaction and experiences: lesbian, tribbing, interracial sex, ass play, oral, swallowing, guys watching girls tribbing, anal, threesome, shower, love making, older for younger, Asian hookers, Bangkok Go-Go bars, Nana Plaza, domination, submission, BDSM, LGBT, bisexual women, international sex with women.Sample: David wanted to contract, but he held out. He wanted her to go deeper. David crouched down with his knees allow Mai to get a better position in the rear. Po continued to slowly stroke his cock, rubbing the head and then the shaft. She bent down just enough to put the head of his dick in her mouth-kissing it and nibbling the David's mushroom head.The girls were meticulous, they ravished him just enough to get him excited but not enough to make him cum in the shower. They wanted to save that for the bed-giving David the experience of a lifetime

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