Robust Power System Frequency Control

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Dezember 2008



This book emphasizes the physical and engineering aspects of the power system frequency control design problem while providing a conceptual understanding of frequency regulation and application of robust control techniques. The material develops an appropriate intuition method relative to the robust load frequency regulation problem in real-world power systems, rather than describing mathematical analytical methods. The simplest possible frequency response models and control structures are used for conceptual explanations and practical control design. The book summarizes the author's long term research outcomes, contributions and experiences with power system frequency regulation during more than a decade of academic and working activities in Iran, Japan, and Australia.


Power System Control: An Overview.
Real Power Compensation and Frequency Control.
Frequency Response Characteristics and Dynamic Performance.
PI Based Frequency Control Design.
Frequency Regulation with Time Delays.
Multi-Objective Control Based Frequency Regulation.
Agent Based Robust Frequency Regulation.
Application of Structured Singular Values in LFC Design.
Frequency Control in Emergency Conditions.
Renewable Energy Options and Frequency Regulation.



From the reviews:
"This book provides a through understanding of the basic principles of power system frequency behavior in wide range of operating conditions. ... The presence of the numerous examples given in the monograph is a convincing message how complexities in physical processes could hinder robust control analysis and synthesis. This book could be useful for engineers and operators in power system planning and operation, as well as for academic researchers. ... the book will be cited in many lists of references in the control literature." (Vasile Dragan, Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 1163, 2009)
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