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September 2009



When Harold was sixteen, he secured a job at a Melbourne advertising agency just by virtue of having travelled the furthest for the interview. Living Large traces Mitchell's journey as media buyer inside several agencies to his brave decision to start in 1976 his own media-buying operation, a radical and, to the established agencies, highly unpopular move.
Mitchell went on to become Australia's biggest media buyer. His business journey led to close friendships with the two Kerrys, Packer and Stokes, and a long relationship with the Packer family. His passion for the arts saw him experience some colourful moments with Gough Whitlam, Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, Dudley Moore and folk singer Odetta.
Living Large reveals Harold's loves: family, a great business deal, a brilliantly produced TV commercial, and dislikes: disloyalty, laziness and business yobbos, and presents guidance for young business executives trying to make it in the jungle.
Part autobiography, part guidebook, Living Large gets into the mind of one of Australia's most intriguing business identities.


Harold Mitchell was born in 1942 in the remote west Gippsland town of Trafalgar. Wanting to work in radio, he successfully applied for a job at an advertising agency in Melbourne. Rapidly working his way up the ranks, Harold soon became successful in the media-buying operation of several agencies before starting out on his own in 1976 with just $2000. He pioneered the idea of taking the buying and placing of advertisements for clients out of the advertising agencies into a separate operation, and today is an icon and market leader of the media-buying industry. He set up the Harold Mitchell Foundation, which disperses money to an array of causes, and is the Executive Chairman of the Mitchell Communication Group. In 2004 he was made an Officer of the Order of Australia. He has been married to Bevelly Mitchell for nearly fifty years.

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