BloodLight: The Apocalypse of Robert Goldner

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Mai 2014



Deep down, Robert Goldner knows he's a mistake. His mother told him so when he was just five years old. But he never found the courage to ask just what she meant before she was murdered under mysterious circumstances on his eleventh birthday.

Now, on the eve of his seventeenth birthday, Robert is dead set on becoming a Virginia high school state wrestling champion in order to redeem himself once and for all, reversing whatever curse his mother saw within him. One of the few blacks on a predominantly redneck team, Robert has struggled for years to remain clear-headed and independent in a school divided by race and conquered by cliques. But when something from Beyond takes possession of his body and mind, wrestling with his very soul, he may find his "birthday" to be a gateway to a horrifying truth about himself and the fundamental nature of Reality.

Despite depicting a teenager's alienation taken to the extreme, BloodLight is not a Young Adult novel. It is Weird Fiction, and a dark Metaphysical Fantasy--psychological, bizarre, and intense. It is a prequel to Broken Angels, the first book in the Eve of Light series.

Due to its language and themes, this book is intended for mature readers.

May appeal to fans of H.P. Lovecraft, Philip K. Dick, and Clive Barker.


Harambee K. Grey-Sun is a poet and metaphysical/speculative fiction writer. The word best describing his work is dark. He uses elements of fantasy, horror, noir, and science fiction to spin bizarre, mind-bending, and (some might say) heretical tales that explore the meaning of identity and the nature of consciousness. His metaphysical fantasy series Eve of Light reexamines the nature of God and what it means to be human. Find out more at
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