Practicing Psychology in Primary Care

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Januar 2010



This book equips psychologists, mental health professionals, and trainees to work effectively in a primary care setting – the principal site today for psychiatric care, behavioral health risk reduction, and psychological treatment of physical or functional complaints. The primary care setting has a "culture" that is very distinct from more traditional mental health settings, and so the first part of this book teaches both professional clinicians and students about the norms, communication styles, social rituals, and roles they need to be familiar with to be effective psychologists in primary care. Psychological therapies in primary care must be symptom-focused and brief. A broad-based epidemiological perspective is also necessary to address mood and anxiety disorders, medical nonadherence, and health risk behaviors such as alcohol abuse and smoking among a large number of patients. Core chapters in the book therefore describe counseling techniques developed specifically for primary care such as the Four A`s and BATHE, the Transtheoretical Model (TM), adaptations of Motivational Interviewing (MI) and Problem-Solving Therapy (PSA), as well as cross-cultural considerations and consultations as a mental health intervention. Equipped with these strategies and a deeper appreciation of primary care culture, readers will be well placed to adapt their clinical skills to this challenging and rewarding health care setting.


Chapter 1
Introduction to Primary Care Psychology
Chapter 2
The Patients
Chapter 3
The Culture of Primary Care and Your Physician Colleagues
Chapter 4
When You Hear Hoofbeats, Think of Horses - Not Zebras: Applied Epidemiology, Brief Assessment, and
Population-Oriented Intervention
Chapter 5
Brief Counseling for Health Risk Behaviors: The Five ''A''s and FRAMES
Chapter 6
Assessing and Addressing Patient Motivation With the Stages of Change
Chapter 7
Motivational Interviewing: Addressing Ambivalence About Change
Chapter 8
Primary Care Approaches to Psychosocial Problems: BATHE and Other Brief Counseling Techniques
Chapter 9
Brief Cognitive Treatment: Problem-Solving Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Chapter 10
Cross-Cultural Issues in Primary Care Psychology: An Overview
Chapter 11
Conclusion: Putting It All Together
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