Five Skills to Learning How to Learn

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Those who work with children-teachers and home-schooling parents, continually search for print material and media resources that will "help me help my kids!" Five Skills to Learning How to Learn provides practical materials and easy to follow activities to help educators and parents nurture, guide, and facilitate learning with their children. This book has been written for the purpose of preparing children for a lifetime of learning. Durham does this with the five essential skills: Logic, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, Investigating, and Experimenting. These skills will help children in deciphering, analyzing, assessing, and summarizing all the material they are learning.


Part I: The Groundwork
Understanding the Style of How We Learn
Chapter 1 Introduction:
Part II: The Nitty-Gritty
The What, the Why, and the How of the Five Skills
Chapter 2 Logic: The Rationale
Chapter 3 Critical Thinking: The Assurance
Chapter 4 Problem Solving: The Process
Chapter 5 Investigating: The Clues
Chapter 6 Experimenting: The Proof
Part III: The Digging In
The Hands-On Techniques, Strategies and Activities of the Five Skills
Chapter 7 A Child's "Work" is "Play"
Chapter 8 Logic
Chapter 9 Critical Thinking
Chapter 10 Problem Solving
Chapter 11 Investigating
Chapter 12 Experimenting
Part IV: The Keeping Fit
The Information on Maintaining Physical Health When Using Technology
Chapter 13 Proactive Steps for Physical Health
Part V: AHA!
Chapter 14 Summary and Conclusion
Breaking the Code: Definitions of Terms

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