Multi-Level Decision Making

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Februar 2015



This monograph presents new developments in multi-level decision-making theory, technique and method in both modeling and solution issues. It especially presents how a decision support system can support managers in reaching a solution to a multi-level decision problem in practice.
This monograph combines decision theories, methods, algorithms and applications effectively. It discusses in detail the models and solution algorithms of each issue of bi-level and tri-level decision-making, such as multi-leaders, multi-followers, multi-objectives, rule-set-based, and fuzzy parameters.
Potential readers include organizational managers and practicing professionals, who can use the methods and software provided to solve their real decision problems; PhD students and researchers in the areas of bi-level and multi-level decision-making and decision support systems; students at an advanced undergraduate, master's level in information systems, business administration, or the application of computer science.


Part I Bi-level Decision Making.-
Part II Multi-level Multi-follower Decision Making.-
Part III Fuzzy Multi-level Decision Making.-
Part IV Rule-set-based Bi-level Decision Making.-
Part V Multi-level Decision Support Systems and Applications.


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