Bonkers In Ballyyahoo (Another Little Book From Ballyyahoo, #1)

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Dezember 2014



Bonkers In Ballyyahoo is a hilarious children's story and the first book from the 'Another little Book From Ballyyahoo,' series. It is set in a weird and wonderful town on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland. BORED IN BALLYYAHOO Gerry Mac and his cousin, Kevin, are so bored they get bored being bored. Now, they shouldn't be bored because there is loads of fun stuff to do in Ballyyahoo, but Gerry and Kevin are too bored to bother. All Gerry wants to do is swing around on his garden gate but Kevin likes to play tricks and pranks. Sadly for the people of Ballyyahoo, Gerry is really good at that! TRICKS AND PRANKS Once, Kevin let an army of spiders loose in the local pub and another time he let cockroaches loose in Kelly's shop. KEVIN GOES MISSING After one particularly annoying and utterly disgraceful prank Kevin is grounded. Gerry doesn't see his cousin for three whole weeks and when they finally meet up Gerry realizes there's something very wrong with Kevin. He's changed personality completely and Gerry doesn't like him - not one little bit. THE SECRET PLAN Gerry vows to keep away from this weird new cousin, Kevin, until he finds out this new Kevin has a secret plan and pretty soon everything's bonkers in Ballyyahoo.
BONKERS ON RADIO Bonkers in Ballyyahoo was first broadcast on Ireland's National Radio Station - RTE 1 as part of their Fiction Fifteen program of weekly stories for children.

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